Best Color Combination For Faux Glazing

“We have  seen to many walls but what we build together is a masterpiece for me ”

Exactly our house is always a place that reflect our inner self and the coloured canvas that we call walls, depict our zestful nature towards world. Innovation plays an important role in making these lifeless canvas come alive. Faux Glazing is similarly an innovating creation in painting.  In modern era faux finishing is major material used to make walls unique and glazing that emits marble appearance.

In this a translucent mixture of paint along with glaze is applied with the help of brush, sponge, rag, roller and it also often mimics textures.  It provide a velvety touch when you feel it. Here, we  provides you a helping hand to understand the perfect blending of colours for Faux Glazing that will enhance your wall’s texture and colour.

It’s very true that to achieve perfect result, colour combinations of the base coat of paint and coloured glaze is very important. Relations between top coat ,glaze colour and solid coat can create drastic effects when ragging on or off. In traditional ragging , a darker colour glaze is applied on a lighter coloured base to give it a fine texture and smooth appearance.

But if you go for 2 or more glazes then, the lightest must be applied first and darkest one in last . Where as softer colours on a white base will give the appearance of old walls . Dark shades and colours on a lighter shade of the same colour will add depth and also help in creating a dramatic effect very elegantly.

Here , we have 21 colour combinations for Faux Glazing that makes Your wall mesmerising.

Best Color Combination For Faux Glazing

    1. Baby Pink base +lavender glaze
    2. white base + Denim blue glaze
    3. Red base +yellow glaze
    4. Baby orange base + Peach glaze
    5. Red base +Blue glaze
    6. Nickel grey base +Stoic grey glaze
    7. Blue base + white glaze
    8. Light brown base +Dark metallic brown glaze
    9. Milk Toffee base + Walnut she’ll glaze
    10. Sugared Nut base  + Blushing rosy glaze
    11. Orange base + Maroon glaze
    12. Violet base +grey glaze
    13. Summer yellow base + Lemon glaze
    14. Dark blue base+sky blue glaze
    15. Cream base+ Sand dust yellow glaze
    16. Cool green base +Dark green glaze
    17. Baby blue base + Navy blue glaze
    18. Butterscotch brown base+ woof finish walnut glaze
    19. Oak leaf green base + copper brown glaze
    20. Mauve base + fox Glove Pink glaze
    21. Baby blue base +french purple glaze

So , decide and shine your walls up .